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MS Library
The library is open throughout each school day to meet the needs of our students and faculty. Students may receive passes for book selection from their Lynx teachers or by their agenda books. During Lynx, library computers are used primarily for overflow if computer labs are filled.

Students are also scheduled for book selection on a regular basis with their Study Skills classes.

Reference books are overnight and may be renewed with fines of 10 cents for each night overdue. Magazines are five days and may be renewed with fines of 10 cents for each night overdue. All other books circulate for two six day cycles which may be renewed with 5 cent overdue fees.

Science Fair

about 1 year ago


Various Science Fair Books

Specific books may be located in the library using the OPAC (link below)

Electronic Resources


World Book

    This site is good for general information and it is a good place to start.  This site also provides maps, flags, music….  

For access from Home:
Username: oleyvsd
Password:  lynxsd

Science Buddies

Google Science Fair
More Ideas for Science Fair Projects.

Try for your bibliography 


Metric Conversion Calculator

This site makes it easy to convert your measurements into metric. Once you’re in the site you go to the Length/Distance Conversion Calculator. Then decide what you want measurement you want converted and click on it. Then you put the number you want converted and click Go.


United Nations Links

about 1 year ago

United Nations Links

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Following the work sheet your teacher has given to you, use the links below to assist you in your United Nations project.

Remember you will need to make a  bibliography for your project.
Create a bibliography online.. click here.


  • Everyone’s United Nations
  • Lands and Peoples
  • World Almanac and Book of Facts
  • World Travel Guide
  • Assorted Country Books

Electronic Resources

World Book

    This site is good for general information and it is a good place to start.  This site also provides maps, flags, music….

For access from Home:

Username: oleyvsd
Password:  lynxsd


Username:  ovms7
Password:  ovsd7

Newspapers of the World

World Atlas

A great place for maps, surrounding countries and LANDFORMS.

GDP Per Capita Map


Time Zone Map

For issues with your country

United Nations

This site will give facts about the United Nations as well as information about countries.

Environmental Literacy Council

This is a good site to locate environmental issues about your country.   

 CIA World Fact Book

This site contains information regarding country profiles, maps, and flags of the world.

National Geographic

Maps, news articles and information, special features, and photographs are only some of the items found at this site.

Recipe Source

(For cultural samples of your country)

Currency Converter


7th Grade Informative/Persuasive Presentation

about 1 year ago

Mr. Bagenstose and Mrs. Boyer

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Informative/Persuasive Presentation


Looking for a good idea for your topic?

[This is not for you yet, but rather for a later PERSUASIVE topic: so AVOID/STAY AWAY FROM THIS GREAT SITE. IT IS ONLY FOR PERSUASIVE WRITING/ ALBEIT INTRIGUING / but, if and when, you reach to the Spring of your English  class, try Sirs Knowledge Source.   Click on the link and once on the main screen of Sirs Knowledge Source, click on “More Issues…” in the bottom right of the “PRO VS. CON” box. (username: PL2616H;  password: 19547). Again, this is for more Internet savvy student, and not for the novice student.]

Try Sirs Discoverer in the same link or you can find it in Power Library.  There are several ways to find a topic such as clicking on an icon like “Sports.”  Check out the right side “Topics/subtopics” or  the tabs across the top such as “WebFind Sites.”

Okay, so you’ve chosen your topic.  Where can you find information about it?

We actually house books in the library!  Use the OPAC to find a book about your topic.  We have a great selection on many topics.  (Animal and car topics are always a big hit.)

World Book Online is a great resource. Quick, brief and accurate information will give you a nice overview.  (Remember, there are even videos located in the upper right under IMAGES & VIDEOS – By Title.) (username:  oleyvsd;   password:  lynxsd)

IMDb (Internet Movie Database)

AKC (American Kennel Club)

Dog Breed Info Center

Now you’re ready to do your Bibliography.



(Don’t forget that World Book, Sirs Knowledge Source and Sirs Discoverer show you the citation information at the bottom of every article.)